doddl children’s cutlery - knife, fork and spoon set (Magenta)


Goodbye toddler tantrums and mealtime missiles - doddl toddler cutlery is here to make mealtimes easy and more enjoyable!

Ordinary children’s cutlery is not easy for your little one to use successfully, but every part of the doddl toddler spoon, fork and knife is ergonomically designed to solve that problem. 

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Each element of this toddler cutlery set has been expertly designed to help children from 12 months+ to learn to use cutlery with ease. The short compact handles are easy to grip and control, whilst the soft touch areas will encourage your child to open up their fingers and ‘pinch’ the cutlery, developing strength in the pincer grip (a key motor-skill). 

The doddl knife has a unique design making it easy for your child to chop their food successfully. The handle sits in your child’s palm and allows them to push down through food, making it much easier to use effectively. 

Certified safe and recommended by experts, doddl makes using cutlery easy, building dexterity and co-ordination through self-feeding, helping your child to become a confident and independent eater. 

With doddl you will experience a lot more eating and learning and a lot less waste and stress!


doddl was founded by Catherine Dodd in September 2013.  After disastrous mealtimes with her three children under the age of three, Cat identified that the design of children’s cutlery was prohibiting success. So, whilst also looking after her 3 children at home, she set about designing a solution, the first of its kind.

Following a three-year journey, through research, design, manufacturing and crowdfunding, the first sets of doddl cutlery went on sale in 2017.  Today doddl is recognised as the leading toddler cutlery brand in the UK and is available across the world including USA, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Today, doddl is led by Directors, Catherine Dodd and Laura Thomas, both mums who run the business alongside their busy families.  

So, what’s the problem?

Traditional children’s cutlery has not been designed for children; they are merely small versions of cutlery designed for adults. The long thin handles require dexterity that a child does not yet have, making it very difficult for them to grip and control. 

Traditional knives are particularly difficult for children to use as they rely on muscle strength in the wrist that young children do not have. Parents fear giving children effective knives through risk of injury, so instead offer knives with blunt ends that do not work. 

Mealtimes are therefore frustrating and stressful, resulting in young children missing out on enjoying mealtimes, developing their independence, learning self-regulation, building key social skills, increasing confidence with food and exploring new tastes and textures. 

doddl solves this problem and is a revolution in children’s cutlery

Thoroughly researched and tested alongside child development experts, doddl is designed specifically for young children. The size and shape makes it easy for young children to feed themselves whilst holding the cutlery correctly, making the transition to adult cutlery simple. doddl cutlery is recommended by feeding specialists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and child development experts and has the added benefit of helping to develop important fine motor skills.

The doddl knife has an innovative shape that uses the strength of a child’s palm to push down through food and has a cleverly serrated ‘safe blade’ design that chops through all foods but not skin, allowing real independence at mealtimes and in the kitchen. 

doddl is 5 star rated by customers and loved by celebrities including Joe Wicks, Gemma Atkinson, Lucy Mecklenburg, Kate Lawler, Camila Thurlow and Deliciously Ella.

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