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Bebecar Pack Ip-Op EL - Soft Grey 247

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The Pack Ip-Op EL is a comprehensive travel system, which includes the fantastic Ip-Op EL chassis long with carrycot, reversible pushchair seat, and Easymaxi BASIC ELx infant car seat.

The chassis features the Easylock system, meaning all three pieces can be fitted quickly and easily without the need for additional adaptors. The chassis has a one-handed opening and folding mechanism, and is very compact when folding.

This complete travel system offers exceptional value without compromising on quality or style.

Rolling System - The "Rolling System" is an internal operation within the chassis frame, which allows the chassis to open and close smoothly and easily.

Handle - Ergonomic and height adjustable handle. It provides comfort whatever your height and allows you to reduce the chassis size to fit confined spaces.

Attachment - The Easylock system has a 'one-click' fitting for attachment of carrycot, seat unit and infant car seat. However, there are four support points to give maximum stability and a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler.

Automatic folding - This system is located at the top of handle allowing you to fold and open the chassis with a single hand movement.

Hip Hop Tech - Chassis Features

  • Ergonomic adjustable handle height with multiple positions. Incorporates one handed folding mechanism.
  • "Rolling System" mechanism for ease of opening and closing the chassis.
  • Easy lock swivel wheel system operated from the one touch of a button without the need to touch the wheel.
  • asy to use linked brakes on rear wheels.
  • Detachable rear wheels containing ball bearings for a smoother ride.
  • Rear suspension system to give a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler.
  • Front swivel wheels easily detachable and featuring auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings for greater maneuverability.
  • The innovative Easylock attachment system provides a simple and easy way of fitting the carrycot, seat unit and infant car seat onto the chassis with a single movement: 2 fastening and 4 support points offer easy operation, increased stability and avoids vibrations.
  • Large shopping basket.


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