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Shnuggle Washy Rinsing Jug

£6.63 Price

Create happy bath times with Washy, the clever rinsing bath jug from Shnuggle. Designed with a soft rim to gently rest against the contour of baby’s head, helping to direct water away from sensitive little eyes.

The soft feel handle allows you to comfortably rinse baby’s hair and has been designed to neatly hook onto the Shnuggle Bath for easy access and storage. The perfect bathtime accessory for all ages.

Safety1st Dolphy Changing Unit

£83.33 Price

With the Safety 1st bathing and changing unit Dolphy, change and bath baby with everything close at hand. Thanks to the easy to lift up with one hand changing mattress, parents will be able to give a bath to baby without having to bend. Dolphy is also really convenient with its multiple storage compartments and towel rails. Parents can change baby and give him its bath anywhere in the house, thanks to the 4 wheels with brakes, which makes Dolphy easy to move around. 

Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand

£29.13 Price

This second generation design complements the Shnuggle Bath perfectly and is now available in light grey.  The Folding Bath Stand raises your baby to waist height, taking the backache out of bathtime and making it easier to bath baby.